CoreSinging Teacher Certification Course $1495 (installments available)

Dr. Meribeth Dayme uses a cutting-edge approach to teaching singing integrating science, consciousness, and performance-- groundbreaking ideas from trained Olympic Athletes, accelerated learning techniques, neuroplasticity, and physics.


Sing Your Heart

The essence of singing in ten lessons by Meribeth Dayme, internationally known and respected teacher of teachers, master class leader, and author of books on singing.


Public Speaking Mastery $299

Master the art of public speaking. This course illuminates the essential skills of an excellent speaker. Working with the the energetic components of personal presence, voice, intent, and message, will help you go beyond....

3 x $119.00

Energy at work in singing and teaching-- single payment of $310 or three payments of $119

CoreSinging® Module 1 is an introduction to energy, the human energy field and their importance in teaching and learning. Topics include mindfulness, the importance of language, maintaining a healthy studio, healing and more. With Dr. Meribeth Dayme

3 x $119.00

Revolutionary way to learn a song-- $310 or three payments of $119

We now know that 10-20 playful repetitions is far more effective than rote memorization where it can take over 400 repetitions. This course will change forever the way you learn music. The tools here are fun--and students love to practice. Yay!


Preparing to sing: Balance of mind, body, and breath-- $310 or Three payments of $119

Preparing to sing includes tuning your mind, balancing your body, becoming mindful of breath, and being comfortable with yourself as you take this into your daily practice.