How to use the Magic of Energy in Teaching

Mastery of teaching and singing with ease and flow

CoreSinging® is an approach based on the science, art and spirit of teaching and performing. It is very "now" with a fresh, fun approach to learning that includes mindfulness, imagination and play. As recent research has shown,  out-dated rote learning systems can take over 400 repetitions, whereas with play and fun, learning can be accomplished with 10-20 repetitions. Understanding how energy works is part of this.

Mastery of teaching and singing is easily within your grasp.

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Dr. Meribeth Dayme
Dr. Meribeth Dayme

About the instructor

Meribeth Dayme, Ph.D.,  a pioneer in the field of the voice and singing,  founded CoreSinging® in 2010. Her dream is that singers become channels for healing themselves and the audiences they reach. After years of research, writing and teaching singing she has found a way to honour that dream through CoreSinging®. She has taught singing and vocal pedagogy in university and privately for over 35 years and is recognised internationally for her textbooks on singing and teaching singing, master classes and courses. She now teaches the CoreSinging® approach via Master Classes, Webinars and Teacher Certification Courses. She also lectures around the world.
Her books include:  Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, The Singing Book (with C Vaughn), and Presence, Confidence and Personal Power, ebook found on most online booksellers.

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4 Videos
8 Texts
2 PDFs

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Preparing to Sing

Mindfulness and Intent

Dynamic Balance

Energetic concepts of breathing

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